Monthly Archives: May 2014

HardLander Released to OUYA today!

After over a year of working on Hard Lander off and on and quitting my job 6 months ago, I am pleased to announce that Hard lander has been released on the OUYA console! Give it a try, it’s like ballet with missiles!

I really wanted to create a fun, rewarding couch multiplayer game and the OUYA seemed to be the perfect fit for an unknown developer like myself. Playing hard lander is like a ballet, or like riding a unicycle. It isn’t pretty at first, but to those that put in the time, it becomes something beautiful… or at least freakish. Either way I want people who get good at the game to usher gasps of astonishment from their friends and foes alike.Laughs are cheap, man. I’m going for gasps.

Eventually I hope to be able to port the game to wherever people want to play it, but for now I am focusing on updating content and getting feedback on the game on the OUYA platform. I hope that a few of you brave souls will boot up your little boxes and give it a try.

Push Hard Lander to my OUYA!