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HardLander 0.7 update coming soon!

Do you have friends? Do you want to smash them with the butt end of a rocket ship? Then you should check out Hard Lander! The newest update has prettier graphics, and it’s more fun then ever. Here are a few of the multiplayer levels you will find in Hard Lander.

The Graveyard: A large level that lets you stretch your wings and outmaneuver your opponents. If you think this still isn’t enough room to pick up speed, fret not because the level wraps horizontally letting you zip across the wreckage below picking up speed until you find the right opportunity to descend down and clip your enemy.


Has gravity got you down? Then take to the stars and hunker down between some Asteroids. In this level there is no gravity, and asteroids start with random forces making each round a little bit different. This level features vertical AND horizontal wrapping giving you ample opportunity to outwit your witless opponents. If that isn’t tricky enough for you, try charging an asteroid and get it hurling towards your friends noggins.


If sitting on your friends is a little too personal give Laser Lab a try. Here you can control the battle field from afar. Once you have mastered a soft landing, Laser Lab will let you dominate by controlling a set of laser pads near the top of the room. Don’t let up your guard though, a resourceful opponent might just screen wrap on top of your head!


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