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New Mockups Art for HardLander

Feast your eyes on thes new Mockups for hard lander levels.

Norm and I have been hard at work prettifying the game as well as adding lots of new features. Here is a short list of changes:

  • 1080p update for all assets
  • All new art and physics design for ships
  • All new art for levels
  • Ships now explode and parts persist through the match. This leads to hilarious and unexpected happenings.
  • Every level has new animations to create a more immersive experience.


New Animations, art, and particles running at 1080p

It includes new Animations, art, and particles, and everything has been updated to 1080P.  The thrust of your ship now causes dust to fly around.  Also the thrust animation is much nicer and the length is relative the amount of thrust you are using (the thrust trigger is force sensitive).  I want to play around with having the force of your thruster effect the world around you.  That way you can push a player into the wall or knock a brick off a ledge with your thruster without even touching them.


HARDLANDER: Version 0.8 Released! New Test levels

The Latest version of HardLander has plenty to celebrate!  Two new levels, improved graphic fidelity and improved stability will keep the fun going long into the night.  So grab some friends and gather around your TV.

Teeter Totter 
4 players face off against 2 teetering totters.   Get it spinning to smash your opponents into smithereens or try and stay out of harms way, it’s your choice!


Laser Tag
Blast your friends out of the sky in an instant with this levels new ship fired lasers!  To fire your weapon you must push your thrust all the way down meaning that shooting at the wrong time could mean kissing a wall.