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IndieCade 2014

If you are around LA this next weekend attending IndieCade, be sure to come down and play some Hard Lander with me at the OUYA booth.  I would love to see what you guys think!

I added a few new things recently.  I added a laser equipped asteroids that can spawn (rarely).  I also added a reward for going very fast on graveyard;  If you get over 700 kph you will spawn floor clearing concussion bombs to get rid of those pesky squatters!

HardLander is included in the latest IndieRoyale bundle!

I’m pretty excited about it.  It’s also really helped the Steam page.  Today is the second best day of traffic since I launched on greenlight.  If you would like to check the game out, and especially if you have friends coming over this weekend who like to get a little punchy, you can get it for pennies along with some other cool looking games.

Also, I’m about to build a new version of the game with all the cool stuff I’ve posted about previously!  Woohoo!

Indie Royale 183 covered HardLander!

Check out the coverage of HardLander! You can check out the article here but here is what they had to say.

Couch co-op and local multiplayer vs games are making a huge comeback as of late, which is great because now we get four-player games like Hard Lander. While it’s already out on the Ouya, Soulareus Games has launched aGreenlight page to get the Windows and Mac version up on Steam.

Flying and landing your ship is the name of the game in Hard Lander, though it’s not as simple as it sounds. The trigger causes your ship to lift off — the longer you hold, the more powerful it thrusts. You have a directional thruster used through the stick — it’s weak but it can direct your path. The interplay between these is tricky, but it’s a lot of fun to maneuver your spacecraft. The main body of your ship is incredibly fragile. Landing on it or crashing it into a competitor will result in death. Bounce off your boosters or the bottom of your ship, though, and you’ll be fine. The last ship flying wins the round.

One of the coolest things about playing this was the stages. Sometimes you’ll need to navigate through narrow spaces or onto platforms to kill the other ships. Other times you’ll need to land butt-down on the arm of a laser-firing satellite and knock it spinning in a direction away from you. The strength and longevity of games like this lie in the options, so hopefully there will be more than a few different, creative stages to do battle on.

The game will be on the showfloor during IndieCade in October, and was featured by Ouya Presents (embedded above) as well. The Ouya versioncosts $5, which is the price same as the alpha version that’s up on Desura.

HardLander on Steam GreenLight!

Just published to Steam Greenlight! Let the popularity contest begin! If you feel up to it, and it looks like something you would like to play with your friends give it a vote. Durring pax, which doubled as an amazing volume of playtesting, I noticed a couple bugs.

  • Rarely in 4 player 2 ships will spawn at the same place either destroying each other instantly or going into a Thelma and Loise style barrel roll off a cliff or into a wall.
  • On Asteroids, there is one asteroid that has a collider that is too big for the graphic. I will work on fixing both of these this week.
  • I noticed another issue which isn’t a bug but that I want to address.  In the level asteroids, there are nothing but rocks flying around and other players.  If the players are playing defensive they won’t move much, which happens a lot with new players.  As a result sometimes the level goes on too long, way longer then most of the other levels.  I got this feedback from CGDC but It didn’t sink in until I saw it at PAX.  I was thinking that I could make asteroids fly in from no where after a set time but then I would have to make an alert system so you knew it was coming, and that might take a bit of work.  I always try to fix a problem in the least amount of work.  It’s probably due to laziness but it makes me feel better to think of it as a Occam’s Razor kind of thing (’s_razor). The solution I am going to try is to have the large center asteroid look like it’s modded out with some metal lazers or something.  Then put a few lights on it.  When all the lights turn on, then a few lazers will turn on.  The lasers use raycasting so they will hit other asteroids and hopefully it looks cool and will effectively shorten the level by introducing more challenge after a time.  It will also make the level a bit more dynamic.

HardLander at PAX Prime 2014

Fresh from showing at PAX Prime, the new show build is now available!  If you have an itch for super competitive local multiplayer games, you owe it to yourself to check it out!  Version 0.84 continues on the competitive vision of HardLander by giving you more control over the environment as you master your piloting skills.

In the level Death Sphere, you can turn on up to 3 lasers and by touching the activation pads.  You can then proceed to get the sphere spinning by hitting the protruding laser canon with the back of your ship just right, all but ensuring a full screen wipe of your upset but impressed opponents.

Continue on to laser lab where you can precisely control the direction of a mounted laser beam based on your position on the laser pad.  If you’ve mastered the crab walk (which is shown in the first challenge level) you will be able to slide across the pad, sweeping the entire bottom of the level.  But watch out because an observant player may be up to your tricks and screen wrap on top of you before you ensure your victory.