HardLander on Steam GreenLight!

Just published to Steam Greenlight! Let the popularity contest begin! If you feel up to it, and it looks like something you would like to play with your friends give it a vote. Durring pax, which doubled as an amazing volume of playtesting, I noticed a couple bugs.

  • Rarely in 4 player 2 ships will spawn at the same place either destroying each other instantly or going into a Thelma and Loise style barrel roll off a cliff or into a wall.
  • On Asteroids, there is one asteroid that has a collider that is too big for the graphic. I will work on fixing both of these this week.
  • I noticed another issue which isn’t a bug but that I want to address.  In the level asteroids, there are nothing but rocks flying around and other players.  If the players are playing defensive they won’t move much, which happens a lot with new players.  As a result sometimes the level goes on too long, way longer then most of the other levels.  I got this feedback from CGDC but It didn’t sink in until I saw it at PAX.  I was thinking that I could make asteroids fly in from no where after a set time but then I would have to make an alert system so you knew it was coming, and that might take a bit of work.  I always try to fix a problem in the least amount of work.  It’s probably due to laziness but it makes me feel better to think of it as a Occam’s Razor kind of thing (’s_razor). The solution I am going to try is to have the large center asteroid look like it’s modded out with some metal lazers or something.  Then put a few lights on it.  When all the lights turn on, then a few lazers will turn on.  The lasers use raycasting so they will hit other asteroids and hopefully it looks cool and will effectively shorten the level by introducing more challenge after a time.  It will also make the level a bit more dynamic.


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