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HardLander is a physics based local multiplayer game designed for up to four players. Invite three of your friends to compete for bragging rights and couch cred in what might be the most advanced rocket acrobatics simulation ever created! If you don’t have any friends around, practice your piloting expertise in the tough-as-nails challenge courses that will be sure to have you throwing your controller across the room as you hone your skills.


HardLander is the worlds first physics based rocket acrobatics arena game.  It is best played with 4 people on your couch in front of a TV. The core game mechanic is controlling a rocket ship with one rocket for thrust and two rockets positioned at the bottom of the ship for rotation.  The game is physics based so learning to control the ship takes some practice.  The game is designed for controllers, my favorite is the xbox360, and this allows you to control the thrust of the ship with the trigger button giving you variable thrust.  This paired with the rotational thrusters which are controlled by the left analog stick gives you unprecedented control.



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“Flying and landing your ship is the name of the game in HardLander, though it’s not as simple as it sounds.”

“One of the coolest things about playing this was the stages. Sometimes you’ll need to navigate through narrow spaces or onto platforms to kill the other ships. Other times you’ll need to land butt-down on the arm of a laser-firing satellite and knock it spinning in a direction away from you. The strength and longevity of games like this lie in the options, so hopefully there will be more than a few different, creative stages to do battle on.”

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