HardLander at PAX Prime 2014

Fresh from showing at PAX Prime, the new show build is now available!  If you have an itch for super competitive local multiplayer games, you owe it to yourself to check it out!  Version 0.84 continues on the competitive vision of HardLander by giving you more control over the environment as you master your piloting skills.

In the level Death Sphere, you can turn on up to 3 lasers and by touching the activation pads.  You can then proceed to get the sphere spinning by hitting the protruding laser canon with the back of your ship just right, all but ensuring a full screen wipe of your upset but impressed opponents.

Continue on to laser lab where you can precisely control the direction of a mounted laser beam based on your position on the laser pad.  If you’ve mastered the crab walk (which is shown in the first challenge level) you will be able to slide across the pad, sweeping the entire bottom of the level.  But watch out because an observant player may be up to your tricks and screen wrap on top of you before you ensure your victory.