HARDLANDER: Version 0.8 Released! New Test levels

The Latest version of HardLander has plenty to celebrate!  Two new levels, improved graphic fidelity and improved stability will keep the fun going long into the night.  So grab some friends and gather around your TV.

Teeter Totter 
4 players face off against 2 teetering totters.   Get it spinning to smash your opponents into smithereens or try and stay out of harms way, it’s your choice!


Laser Tag
Blast your friends out of the sky in an instant with this levels new ship fired lasers!  To fire your weapon you must push your thrust all the way down meaning that shooting at the wrong time could mean kissing a wall.


HardLander is included in the latest IndieRoyale bundle!

I’m pretty excited about it.  It’s also really helped the Steam page.  Today is the second best day of traffic since I launched on greenlight.  If you would like to check the game out, and especially if you have friends coming over this weekend who like to get a little punchy, you can get it for pennies along with some other cool looking games.

Also, I’m about to build a new version of the game with all the cool stuff I’ve posted about previously!  Woohoo!

Indie Royale 183